Amit Shah rally in Malda: Kickstarting the campaign with citizenship bill

Amit Shah rally in Malda: Kickstarting the campaign with citizenship bill

Amit Shah surely knows how to play his cards right. He is one man army and he is again heading straight to the bandwagon so as to led BJP to victory in the upcoming General elections in 2019 elections.
He kick started his much awaited Bengal campaign yesterday and the rally saw huge turnouts of local people to hear what their favorite leader has to say.

The main points taken up by shah in the rally included the citizenship (Amendment) bill whereby the Hindu refugees coming to Bengal from Bangladesh would be getting Indian citizenship. With this he has hinted on that this is going to be a major issue in the Assam and Bengal lok Sabha elections 2019. He further tried to convince the people how the ruling party is favoring a certain sect of the society and acting against the secular principle of our country whereby these so call infiltrators are given huge benefits as compared to the Hindu population of the state.

Attacking the ruling CM of the state, Amit shah further elaborated how much funding has been granted to the state and how much went into the hands of the party men. In another factual explanation shah was very clear about the grants given and questioned the government about their usage for the developmental works for the people as the state still has issues like electricity and water supply being undealt which are the major necessities of life.

Shah was very clear and confident that if people show confidence in Mr. Modi then surely the affairs of the state would be improved to immeasurable heights and the people would definitely see that difference as according to him if they come into power they have plans to stop infiltration and ban on illegal cattle trade across the borders.

Mr. Modi will take on the trail further in his 31 Jan rally and people surely will wait to listen what the prime minister has to offer them. Shah has done his job right by making the people to think and ponder before the PM ‘s maha rally.

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