Amritsar residents panicked on Twitter, suspected missiles from Pakistan

Today Morning, Twitter picked up an unusual Hashtag: #Amritsar. Nothing as such happened in the city of Holy shrine of Sikhs, just some users heard “two loud sounds”.
Some Twitter users started to speculate that maybe the sound came from Jets of Pakistan. Amritsar is situated on the Wagha Border of India-Pakistan. While others speculated that it could be “Sonic Booms” of two Indian Jets. Sonic Boom is the loud sound produced when a jet crosses the speed of sound itself.
Jagjit Singh Walia, ADCP Amritsar, talked to the news agency ANI and made a public appeal. He said, “I appeal to the people do not believe in rumours on social media. Everything is okay. As per our information, nothing has happened.”
The two sounds were heard at midnight.




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