An upset MLA Patil said he was not seeking for the post of Deputy CM while his meeting with Rahul Gandhi

On Sunday, there were many rumours in regards to MB Patil. They claimed that he met Rahul Gandhi as he was seeking for the post of Deputy CM. however, Patil brushes off everything saying that he only met Rahul Gandhi to explain his sentiments and the ongoing situation of Karnataka.

Even the former CM Siddaramaiah made a statement that all the disagreement has being solved out as he has talked with the MLAs and there is nothing left to discuss over ministerial berths. All the problems are now over.

Patil said that he didn’t demand and position of deputy CM or KPCC minister. He was their only to give a clear picture of things and whatever happens is better Gandhi and him. After his meeting, he also that he will discuss the matter with the MLAs that were upset with the things and then they will come up with some plan.

He also said that they all are not planning to leave the party and are content with their MLA work. He said that legislator is more important and powerful than anything else. As per the reports at Neelagunda in Bagalkote, Siddaramaiah stated, that the minister term is for the two years and after that eligible person will be given a chance to prove themselves. Hence, the solution to the ongoing problem. Also, he said that no names are decided as for now and Gandhi will be the one to take a final decision.

Also, he said that there will no other post for the deputy CM. after June, when the coalition of Congress-JSS was announced that was headed by HD Kumaraswamy there were many disagreements with the party for not getting the cabinet berths.

However, no it seems that the party is trying to sort everything out as soon as possible as it is going for so long. We have to wait and see the final decision. Also, the reaction it will have form, Patil.

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