Angry Family Turned Down The Request of CPM In Somnath Chatterjee’s Last Journey

Angry Family Turned Down The Request of CPM In Somnath Chatterjee’s Last Journey

On Monday morning, Somnath Chatterjee’s death shook everyone to the core. This was followed by the long day of events followed by the opening up of a Pandora’s Box that must be frowned down upon by the former Lok Sabha Speaker who is not with us anymore.

His body was taken to three different location in Kolkata that mattered to him – the West Bengal Assembly, Calcutta High Court and his south Kolkata home. Even the members of CPM tried to play an active role in organizing the funeral march of their former minister. The 89-year-old minister was expelled by the CPM despite the fact that he represented the political party in the Lok Sabha for his 40 years of political career.

Even at the Assembly, a sour note was struck where the body of Chatterjee was laid in the state while his daughter was responding with some hostility.

When the request was made to take the body to the CPM party office by the CPM ministers to the family at the Alimuddin Street in central Kolkata for his last respects. Anushila Bose said firmly and putting great emphasis with ‘no and no’.

She said that her brother and mother have refused the request to let either the body of Somnath Chatterjee to be taken to Alimuddin Street where the headquarters of the CPM West Bengal unit is situated or even allow the members of CPM to drape his body with their party’s red flag.

She said, "We had seen how badly he was hurt when he was expelled from the party. I remember tears rolling down his face that day. So, no. No need to take him the CPM office," 

Worse than that was when the ministers followed the body of Chatterjee to his home where his body was laid for final respect and farewell. When Biman Bost, the CPM politburo member arrived with the party’s general secretary then the son of Chatterjee Pratab busted out saying, "Mr Biman Bose, please leave. You are not welcome here."

The people around were stunned with the outburst and even waited for the General Secretary of CPM Sitaram Yechury to finish laying the wreaths on the body and hurriedly left. Biman Bose commented, “I don't mind his behaviour. He is completely broken by the loss of his father." 

This is a tragedy, not a time to get in right now. At times emotions will be frayed. Here is the time we are noting the achievements he made..." shrug everything off by Yechury.

Pratab continued his outburst even after they left by saying, “I have no problems with party workers who made my father what he is. But people like Biman Bose and others only used him,"

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