Another killed in Shark Attack while surfing at US Beach

Another killed in Shark Attack while surfing at US Beach

On Saturday, a man went to a beach in the USA to spend some alone time and have a great afternoon. However, things turn out to be worst for him when the man ends up with injuries due to the shark attack off Cape Cod. On top of that, it was after around 80 years that any of the shark attacks was heard in Massachusetts.

The 26-years-old victim was pulled out by the Bystanders onto the Newcomb Hollow beach where that performed CPR. However, Arthur Medici, the victim, died at the Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis

As per Bunker Hill community College records, Medici was an engineer transfer option major and was a part-time student in the spring. The acting deputy of Cape Cod, Chris Hartsgrove, stated that the injuries are of the shark attack only. However, they are performing the medical test on him to determine the actual cause of his death. Even a Wellfleet resident and surfer stated that had put the local surfing community on edge.

34-year-old Bessler said, "It's like being struck by lightning,” "You hear about it. It doesn't seem real. You kind of imagine it'll never be you. “It’s kind of slowly sinking in that the danger is quite real,"

He added, "Overall, I don't think there's much you can do about the situation. It's their home, sharks live here and we're not really on their menu, but unfortunately, when they do take a test bite and decide we're not on their menu, it just happens to be pretty devastating generally."

Shark attacks are certainly not uncommon since it happens when shark mistake human for their food. It is similar to hit and run case since they take a bit and decide we are not on the menu but it is heartbreaking to go through this. Naylor said that it can be a white shark to attack the man in the shallow water while mistaking his identity as the prey.

He said, "A 12 foot-long, 1,200-pound white shark moving at 20 knots with an open mouth does a bit of damage,". "They're like a truck when they get bigger."

Joe Booth, the fisherman who was there on shore said, "I was that guy on the beach screaming, "Shark, shark!". "It was like right out of that movie 'Jaws.' This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here."

Even a man who also notice the commotion said, "I saw that he was bleeding and reached around the back of his leg, and there was nothing there,". "And there were bone-deep lacerations down by his calf."

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