Anti-Bucket List | Things I Never Want To Do Before I Die

Most of us maybe have a bucket list. For those who don't know what a bucket list is ..then in even simpler terms, it is - things I want to do before I die. Did I wonder why a bucket list only? Can there not be an anti-bucket list and I asked Google if people have an anti-bucket list. It turned out that I was not the first one on this planet to think of something like that.
Though that doesn't prevent me from sharing things that I don't want to do or situations and scenarios that I don't want to be a part of.


Here are top ten things on my anti-bucket list- 

Get locked in a toilet without my phone

Whenever I am in a public toilet, be it a hotel or a roadside eatery, I make it a point to carry my phone with me. It scares me to the hilt to think of the possibility of getting locked inside and not being able to call for help. 


Lose my sense of humour

I am someone who finds humour and sarcasm all around me and that is an integral part of me. I believe one of the reasons why people enjoy my company is because of my nasty one-liners and constant commentary. And I don't ever want to lose my humorous streak.


Go under the knife to change a facial or body feature

I am no beauty queen. But I am absolutely satisfied and thankful with the features and body God has bestowed me with and I will never ever get a nose job or a botox or any kind of surgery done to enhance my appearance. 

Fight with my friends

No one ever wants to do that ever. But I have a very small number of friends and we are extremely close-knit. Most of them have been with me since school and college. And they are the people I don't want to ever fight with or for that matter even have tiny grudges for that matter. I have always believed, parents are someone who God has given you, but your friends are the relationships you have cultivated and earned. And my friends are my most prized possession

Not ever have a dog

Never been an animal person, but since the day my first pet walked into our home (my brother had got him) he never left my heart. He taught me what the love of a dog is and since that day I have always had dogs in my life and I cannot imagine my life without them. I cannot imagine my life without those mad jumpy antics and the neverending licks. 

Watch an Opera

All the opera that I have ever come across is in the movies, and it never ever made sense to me. Though I am sure it is a wonderful art in itself I am also sure I will never be able to appreciate wailing women.

Being in a road accident

Dumb as this sounds, no one will ever have “meet with an accident at least once in my life” on their bucket lists. But for me, it is something I am petrified of. I am a seasoned driver and a careful one too. The thought of hitting someone with my car or being hit by someone's car scares the living daylight out of me. It has made me a very cautious and a safe driver.

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