Anushka Sharma Talked about her Backlash over the picture of BCCI

Anushka Sharma is always on the bad side of the fans since the time she started dating Virat Kohli. This time again she was found in the middle of the entire mess and backlash that were directed towards the Board of Control for Cricket in India – BCCI when she accompanied her husband, Virat Kohli and team India to a gathering that was hosted by the High Commission of India in London.

Anushka was mercilessly trolled by the Twitter users on the photograph posted by BCCI claiming to be the odd one out. However, they were silent on this whole fiasco until recently when the 30-year-old made a statement saying, "Whoever had to make a justification on the activity has made it. I feel this was just a trolling activity and I don't react to trolls."

BCCI took tweeter to post a picture of Anushka along with the Indian Team. Many of the handlers was never able to keep their calm and started to enquire how the star wife of Viral Kohli was allowed to attend the gathering while other plays girlfriends and wives were not allowed to join them till the Test against England is over. However, Anushka cleared that everything happens in the boundaries of BCCI in which she accompanied Virat and the other team members.

"Whatever happened has happened within the guidelines and will always happen in the guidelines and I won't say anything more on this." She also made a plea to not let the issue snowball into an unprecedented controversy: "Let's not make a huge hue and cry of a topic with such little substance."

Last week, BCCI tweeted, “#TeamIndia members at the High Commission of India in London.”

This made many people come forward with so many awful comments. Some of them were:

“She looks odd one out.????????”

“@bcci has lost the little credibility it had after posting this picture!”

“why is Anushka Sharma there? she's not a part of team India. this isn't acceptable”

“Why is Anushka here lmao?

She is at the centre while the vice-captain is at the end lol what a joke”

Even earlier this year, she was trolled for the video in which she was seen to take an initiative and asking a fellow commuter to not litter. On this, Virat came forward and defended her actions,

"Lot of people who don't have the courage to do something like this find it funny. Everything for people nowadays is meme content. Shame."

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