Apple to unveil its most expensive iPhone this week

Apple to unveil its most expensive iPhone this week

It’s that time of the year again wherein the world’s biggest technology giant, i.e. Apple will finally be taking the wraps of its flagship handset. The smartphone manufacturer is reportedly expected to unveil its premium-level iPhone device this week. As per sources, the yet-to-be-announced device will be launched as a part of a line-up of three new models. These handsets are primarily aimed towards further establishing the product’s appeal. As experts suggest, the company has undertaken the objective of widening its product’s appeal as a result of slowing sales growth.

The buzz around the upcoming iPhone began as early as January this year. There were images of new models “leaking” online, thus giving rise to immense anticipation among its audiences. If reports are believed to be true, the smartphone will feature a 6.5-inch OLED screen. If this turns out to be true, it will be marked as a significant change in comparison to its previous models. Notably, the iPhone X or iPhone 8 carried a 5.8-inch display. Apple will also be making a revolutionary step towards replacing its traditional LCD technology with an OLED display. With the installation of OLED technology, the display will actually appear black instead of being simply dark. It appears that the Cupertino-based technology giant is attempting to cater to audiences who desire bigger screens. Leading research denote that an increasing number of consumers are opting for smartphones that come packed with bigger screens as they heavily rely on them to watch and record videos.

As can be recalled, iPhone X – which was launched by Apple last year – carried a dramatically new design. The Tim Cook-led firm ended up eliminating the home button from the handset altogether. In addition to this, the company also introduced a facial-recognition technology that helped users unlock their devices by simply looking at it.

However, it did not end up doing well with the consumers, especially because of its price. Apple placed iPhone X at $1,000, which was the most expensive deal that the company had offered to its consumers. The market is filled with furious rivals, who are willing to offer the same number of features at a much cheaper price. The most relevant example in this case is Samsung. With its Note lineup, the South Korea-based manufacturer is acing it at delivering the best innovation to its audience. Other affordable smartphones that give a tough time to Apple are Google and OnePlus.

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