Apple Watch Series 4 with larger display, EKG sensor starts at $399

Apple Watch Series 4 with larger display, EKG sensor starts at $399

The new Apple Fourth generation Watch series is the latest from the product announcement that Tim Cook made on Wednesday, 13th September. The smartwatch comes featuring exciting new features and a redesigned front panel. The launch event took place at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Cupertino.

The Apple Watch Series 4 – which starts at a price of $399 – packs a larger face and packs its own Electrocardiogram as well as Fall Detection. These two new services are set to spark a revolution in the series of products that are yet to come in the future. The smartwatch also comes included with brand new speakers and a processor chip that boasts much faster speeds for the watch. While the standard version will be made available by Apple for a starting price of $399, the LTE model is expected to cost up to $499. Preorders for the latest products will officially begin on September 14 and the watches can be purchased from stores from September 21 onward. While commenting on the launch of the new smartwatches, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “Apple Watch is not only the number 1 smartwatch in the world, it’s the number 1 watch, period.”

The smartwatch comes included with the latest WATCH OS 5 series. As can be recalled, the software was introduced back in June at the company’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Thanks to the incremental software update, the smartwatch now allows users access to watch-to-watch walkie-walkie mode as well as an energised audio system, sourced from third-party apps. Thanks to GPS and water resistance capabilities, users can now make use of the smartwatch while swimming or during their workout regimes.

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The Cupertino technology giant has even improved its product’s accelerometer and gyroscope, which can now predict if the person is falling. In other words, if the user happens to face an accident, the watch will detect it and immediately prompt a call to emergency services. “Fall detection is a feature that we hope you never need but it's really nice to know it's there,” Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer said. 

In addition to this, the speakers of smartphones are fifty per cent louder and the screen is roughly thirty per cent larger. The device is powered by a new chip, S4, which apparently has the ability of performing twice as fast. The smartwatch will be made available in three colours, i.e. Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

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