Arrested Haryana Gang Rape Accused Called Doctor During Assault

Arrested Haryana Gang Rape Accused Called Doctor During Assault

Just a few days’ backs, a 19-year-old CBSE topper was kidnapped, drugged and then gang-raped while she was on her way to coaching. However, now the main accuses is under arrest. Nishu Phogat who was one of the three accused is finally in the clutches of police and was the one who actually planned out the kidnap and rape. After that, he called the doctor at the scene.

Last week, the condition of the college student worsens when Nishu Phogat called the doctors. Dr Sanjeev who was the one in charge of the girl was the one called by Nishu after which the condition of the girl started to deteriorate. On Sunday, the police arrested the doctor and also the man under whose name the property was where the girl was gang-raped.

The Police stated, that the doctor is one of the people who is involved in the whole gang-rape planning of a teenager. Ms Bhasin said, "The doctor was there when the rape happened and didn't inform any authority points to the fact that he didn't take correct legal action. Evidence also points out that he was involved in the act as well. Further forensics will clear the matter,"

The other two accused, one of them is an army man, are on the run and police is trying to search for them to put them behind the bars. Even in the raids, there was nothing that police got or any traces of them were found.

The girl was awarded by the President when she topped the CBSE exams. She was on her way to her coaching when three men came in a car and kidnapped her. It is reported that she was also drugged before they took turns to rape her. She was raped in a room which lies near to the tubewell in the field.

After the three were done, other men who were on the field were also called up to rape her. According to the woman, all of the men who raped her is from her village only. To which father added that she was raped by more than 8 men.

The owner of the property was also arrested along the other two accused. The three main accused of the case took the keys from him just a day before they raped the girl. However, they didn’t even reported their crime and dumped the girl near a bus stop. 

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