Arun Jaitley asks for the facts after Randeep Surjewala slams Union Minister for writing scathing FB posts from Congress

On Thursday, Arun Jaitley and Congress war just got up one more level. They both did a verbal fight with the Union minister exclaimed that abusing the political discourse is not something to be followed. The government is being accused by the opposition part of economic mismanagement.

The fight turns thicker with Jaitley attacking Rahul Gandhi, Congress President. He said that wisdom is not inherited as it can only be acquired through the process of learning. He also said that Randeep Surjewala must respond to the facts as well.

The union minister was accused by Surjewala of economic mismanagement. Jaitley claimed that India has become one of the fastest growing counties with the increasing economy during a UPA. But Congress just can’t keep calm, thee hit back saying that the export sector is in a free fall condition right now, and all the promises BJP made such as two crore jobs is like a jumla and the NPA has flowed to the maximum of 10 lakh rupees and scams and loots are just peeking high under the government of BJP.

On Jaitley’s twitter handle, he responded to the attack saying “This is a political discourse. Abuse is not answered. Please respond to the facts”. To this, the Congress leader came forward to reply to it saying that the union minister has been writing blogs with hollow and wasteful statements in order to claim political significance.

Jaitley was not far behind as he hit back with the statement about the fragile five and about the growing economy of India. Well, Surjewala explained as the matter of denial and ignorance of the main facts.

This all was started with the statement made by Jaitley on Gandhi on Wednesday for anti-Narendra Modi invective. On his Facebook page, he asked whether Anti-Modism is an ideology or what. He also said that wisdom is not something to be heritable.

Well, this sure is taking a different turn in the upcoming election. It is a matter of time that the parties think with their mind instead of putting each other in a tight spot.

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