Arun Jaitley questions Rahul Gandhi on how much does he know

Arun Jaitley questions Rahul Gandhi on how much does he know

Rahul Gandhi gave a speech in Mandsaur on Wednesday where he pointed out the fault in the government of BJP. He claimed that the loans must be waived soon so that it can be easy for the farmers to live. However, Arun Jaitley countered question him and ask him on how much does he even know.

Rahul Gandhi even pointed a direct finger at Prime Minister Narendra Modi which didn’t sit well with Arun Jaitley. And he asked away Gandhi’s knowledge on the issues.

He stated that the government has not renounced a single rupee forgot 2.5 lakh rupees form any industrialist. Even who has money stacked up in the creditors or banks have been affirmed as bankrupt and hence removed from the companies. Also, the loans were provided during the time of UPA Government as per his statement.

In next point, he put a question mark on Rahul’s statement of not providing loans to farmers. He said that the statement is extremely false as it was all in the past during the time of UPA Government. However, BJP is trying to get the money back that was lost during 2008-14. They are trying to recover it by taking steps forward as per his statements.

Another thing that was stated wrong by Jaitley was that the PM Modi gave away around Rs.35000 crores to the diamond merchants that has managed to escape the country with the looted money. He said that this all started in2011 when UPA II was in play, however, NDA only detected this thing.

On the topic of unemployment, Jaitley said that India has managed to become the fastest growing economy in the world. It has grown in the construction, manufacturing which has resulted in the large investment. These all are the sectors that create jobs hence there is no way that there is lack of any jobs. 

Well, this sure has created a buzz and only time will tell what Gandhi has to say about it. 

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