Arun Jaitley stated that terrorist are to be dealt with strictness in order to protect human rights of the citizens

Arun Jaitley stated that terrorist are to be dealt with strictness in order to protect human rights of the citizens

There were many questioned raised by the citizen to which Arun Jaitley answered as the most precision as he can. When he was asked about the fidayeen, that are willing to kill and willing to die, must be dealt with Satyagraha or not. Jaitley made a statement saying that a terrorist that is refusing a ceasefire offer or refusing to surrender must be dealt as a person that took law in his own hands. Everything is not about muscular formation but about the law rules.

He added, that people are concerned about the person that has the tendency to hold the country together. He said that few people will disagree but people dialogue, elected government and a humane approach towards the people of Kashmir is the main motive of the state.

There are many phrases that surround us and one popular one is a muscular policy in Kashmir. There is not much of the political solution, there are law and order to deal with the killer. He added.

Jaitley said on a Facebook post, “A Fedayeen is willing to die. He is also willing to kill. Should he be dealt with by offering Satyagraha before him? When he advances to kill, should the security forces that confront him, ask him to sit on a table and have a dialogue with them?"

He also said that the policies must be in order to protect the citizen of Kashmir and to get rid of terror in order to offer a much better environment and life quality. It is like a paramount that will helps in protecting India’s sovereignty and the life right to the citizen of the nations.

To everything, he added that Maoist is motivating violence and separation that is only bringing the bad name to the human rights. He added that BJP is working for the save the human right of the citizen of India whether it is about the Kashmiri or tribal.

It seems like BJP is working to grab the attention of the Kashmiri to gain as many votes as they can. Their main motive may be to win the elections but we have to see what they are going to do with the problem people are actually facing in Kashmir as we know that the condition is not that stable and with problem rising government need to step forward now.

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