Arvind Kejriwal Doorstep Service – Day 1, 21,000 calls, but…

Arvind Kejriwal Doorstep Service – Day 1, 21,000 calls, but…

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi launched the new “home delivery” service where a total of 40 government services didn’t even reach the doorstep of people. The total of 20,000 people called up, out of which 1,200 were able to get through the call centre. Out of them, 269 appointments were fixed. This was revealed as per the data by the government at the end of the day. On top of that, the team even successfully collected documents of over 7 residents of Delhi.

However, the government requires more phone and operators to ensure that can help them. It is said that this matter will be addressed on the 2nd day.

The government said "There were as many as 21,000 attempted calls on the helpline number 1076 which were unable to connect due to heavy traffic," they even added, the callers who were able to get through the call but not to speak to anyone will definitely get a callback.

The massive response is applauded by the people for the flagship programme. Even the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be monitoring the situation personally and looking at the data every hour.

On Tuesday, as per the plans of government, there will be an increase in the operators between 40 and 80. Even the total number of phones lines will be increased in a number of 50 and 120. Another factor is, that it is possible that the number of calls will also drop since people were curious enough about what is going on.

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The curiosity was at the peak yesterday morning with a full page of the newspaper just advertising the biggest Delhi Government in all the leading dailies. In the advertisement, they mentioned the services provided by the government – document, delivery of certificate, identity cards and many other services that will include the welfare scheme of people such as sewer lines and water. They asked people to dial 1076 and then place off their request. In return, people will be informed about the documents they might require an the executive will visit them and help them with the task at just Rs 50.

This scheme was facilitated by the VFS Global. The government hired them to complete this task for them. The firm said as of now, they have a total of five executives for 11 districts of Delhi. Debkumar Bandopadhyay of BFS added, "We plan to have 25,000 such facilitators,"

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