Arvind Kejriwal drama continues

Arvind Kejriwal drama continues

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi has made a sit in protest with three of his cabinet colleagues at Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal's house on Monday evening. That’s when the tussle between the Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal escalated into an ugly confrontation.

The whole drama began when Kejriwal along with three of his ministers and MLAs went to meet Baijal. They sat on the dharna when Baijal refused to meet anyone except for Chief Minister and his deputy.

They have a set of demands to wrap up the Dharna. The first one being that the Lieutenant Governor should call all the IAS officers. Following that next one is, actions should be taken against the IAS officer who has not been doing his duty. The last one is approval of the proposal of doorstep delivery of ration to the households.

In a press statement from Baijal’s house it was said that, Lieutenant Governor has been threatened by the chief Minister who demanded that the officers are to summoned immediately at the Raj Niwas. The statement later said that Baijal told Kejriwal to take care of the employees at all levels and put forward their real problems.

While in the Dharna Kejriwal tweeted that they are doing this because they love Delhi and they want the development of Delhi to happen. They want to make Delhi a better place. He had also made a video saying that he and his ministers are on a Dharna so that they could get all the facilities for the Delhi people and make the government conduct work. Kejriwal has very well used the social media to reach out to the citizens of Delhi.

They have also sent a letter to the Lieutenant Governor saying that if the IAS officers don’t end the strike then they would be forced to impose the ESMA law.

Kejriwal Dharna also revolves around another issue that Delhi being the union territory of India has no control over its land, police, and law and order. Any law made by the Chief Minister of Delhi has to be signed by the Lieutenant Governor before being imposed. He is accusing Narendra Modi and Baijal for the same.

The opposition government is calling the Dharna set by AAP a drama. But this is not shaking the beliefs of the AAP government. They are very much adamant on continuing the Dharna until their voice is heard.

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