As per PM Modi, the Economist PM that know-it-all Finance Minister has ruined the economy

As per PM Modi, the Economist PM that know-it-all Finance Minister has ruined the economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always been in a war and centre of attraction in the political world, especially since 2014. However, in his latest defence of handling the economy, PM Modi said that they have navigated the Indian economy out of an unimaginable decay that was left by the economist prime minister and know-it-all finance minister by pointing out on the work done by former PM.

As PM Modi claimed, India is now the fastest growing economy in the world with strong fundamentals to propel further growth.

Everyone is pointing out the “Rejecting criticism of jobless growth”. He stated that each and every state is creating a good number of jobs and there is no chance that there is joblessness.

In 2014, the problems in banks were identified itself as they were fearing the political interference while providing loans. The BJP government has bought Bankruptcy code and insolvency in order to ensure that defaulters lose their companies altogether, as said by PM.

"Things were terrible. Even the budget figures were suspicious," PM Modi said in an interview with Swarajya Magazine about the time when BJP come into the power. He told how the economy was at the worst that it was actually expected.

As per PM Modi, he supported rashtraneeti over rajneeti to bring out the white sheet on the economy of a state when BJP came into their role as the governing party.

In 2014, while working on the economy, the thing must have to be simple and politically advantageous if the reforms were needed. They prefer to think about India first.

He said, “We did not want to push the issues under the carpet, but we were more interested in addressing the issue. We focused on reforming, strengthening and transforming the Indian economy,”

On trying to work on Indian economy as the fastest growing economy, he said, "We accepted this uncomfortable truth and hit the ground running from the very first day to stabilise things so that the Indian economy can be strengthened for the long haul. We tolerated a number of political allegations, we accepted political damage but ensured no damage to our country,"

He even talked about the crop insurance schemes, which has higher support price, health car and neem-coated urea "The previous government allocated Rs. 1.21 lakh crore to agriculture while we have allocated Rs. 2.12 lakh crore in the five-year period. But unlike them, our initiatives do not stay limited to the files, but enter the field,"

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