As per the Pew Research Centre, Only 25 per cent of the total adult population use the internet in India

As per the Pew Research Centre, Only 25 per cent of the total adult population use the internet in India

Apart from the digital India talks, only 25 per cent of the total population actually accepted that they are bound to the internet last year. As surveyed by Pew Research Centre, it is the lowest number in the whole world to use the internet.

South Korea managed to take the most of the votes with 96 per cent of total population of the country using the Internet. The survey was held in a total of 37 countries just to get the correct ration of how many people spend their time on the internet. India only managed to get ¼ of the total population.

The maximum majority of people using the internet is in sub-Saharan African. As per the results that were released on Tuesday, India has a lot to catch up to the internet level. However, since 2013, there is a hike of 12 per cent in the smartphone popularity in India that was 22 per cent in 2017. Also, social media also increase from 8 per cent to 20 per cent in the span of short time.

This simply means that total of 78 per cent adults don’t even own a smartphone and approximately 80 per cent of the population is not even aware of the common social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

As per the study, nowadays, when social media and internet has managed to fill the gap between the emerging and advanced economic life of people, there are many who are not even aware of the use of the internet that is really very shocking as it directly affects the digital era.

However, the rate of internet penetration is still high if compared with the smartphone ownership and internet usage in Europe and North America and some major part of Asia-Pacific. Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, US, Canada, UK, Israel, France, Germany and Spain are not far behind with the report of 9 per 10 people.

However, with the total survey, it is clear that sub-Saharan Africa is the largest population that is using internet around the globe for now. There are few developing countries that are slowly rising up and shining. With the time, the social media adult percentage is increasing and it will take time to completely know the number. Also, there are people that are emerging that the smartphone manufacturing has incre ased. Only time will tell.

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