As the weather eases, the Thai boys spend his eighth night in the flooded cave

As the weather eases, the Thai boys spend his eighth night in the flooded cave

The total of twelve Thai boys with their assistant football coach spent their eighth night trapped in the flooded cave. On Sunday, the weather was already predicted as per the round-the-clock.

The rescue team attempted to reach the depth of the chamber in order to save them from the Tham Luang cave in hope to get to the exact location of the children that are aged between 11 and 16. The coach and kids are stuck there for more than a week now when their venture in the cave due to heavy rains and are now blocked in it.

So many tireless efforts were done by the team to reach the chambers of Tham Luang cave. Also, the international assistance was taken with no result till now. The group has not been contacted since there was a missing report made. Monsoon rains are also making it difficult to rescue them due to the blocked passageways.

However, they were hoping to ease the weather problem near the Thailand borders with Laos and Myanmar that has buoyed the divers that will be able to reach the deeper into the recesses of the 10-km long Tham Luang (six Miles) passageway.

"I'm feeling happy like I've never felt in a long time. Many good signs," on Sunday, the coach Nooparat Khanthavong who is 37 football head coach. "The rain has stopped and rescue teams have found potential ways to reroute the waterway," diverting its flow so no more enters the cave, he said. "The families are feeling much better too."

The search is desperately going on but the downpours that have submerges the tunnels near the area has reached the T junction in the cave as reported on Saturday. It is believed that the boys are just a km or two away from that place.

“Because the driving distance is about two or three kilometre, we need divers to plant (oxygen tanks) sporadically to provide them with air to breathe from time to time until they reach the destination," diver Narinthorn Na Bangchang, who is assisting the effort, told AFP on Saturday

It is believed that the kids will be out soon if the diver is able to find them. Earlier in the week, there were footprints and handprints of the rescuers in the chamber that has further helped to find where kids actually are at.

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