At Kolkata Market, a massive fire broke off with 30 fire engines at the spot

At Kolkata Market, a massive fire broke off with 30 fire engines at the spot

Last night around 2:45 am a massive fire broke in the Central Kolkata’s Bagri Market area where about 30 engines were used to douse off the fire in the congested area on the Canning Street. However, no one was injured as the fire was at night and during that time no one was on the market.

"The fire broke out at 2.45 am. We are trying our best but firefighting operation is tough here because of the number of buildings," Mayor Sovan Chatterjee who visited the building in the early hours of the morning and oversaw the efforts made by firefighters said.

The fire was so massive that it ends up with a black smoke that engulfed the whole area. Even after hours, there was not much fire that was bought back under control. It became a devastating condition quickly. Firefighters were not able to reach the main source where the fire begins. However, they did break out the windows panes and shutter of the shops to enter the building.

A senior official said, "As the area is very congested, we are finding it difficult to work. We are using hydraulic ladder and gas cutters to cut through the grills of the gates and small windows to enter the building,
The fire started on the ground floor of the building and quickly made its way to the fifth and top floor due to inflammable articles. The building at 71 Canning Street was the house of several jewellery stores and medical shops with some cosmetic trading outlets. Many people complaint that fire engines were late to the spot.

The fear of firefighter that the flames were not something to be contained earlier have spread out in the area. Kolkata Police’s disaster management group and even the civil defence unit were there to help the firefighter to douse the fire.

On top of that, the traffic restriction is imposed in the area due to the fire. DCP Traffic Kolkata posted a tweet, “Traffic update:- Due to a fire incident, Rabindra Sarani in between M.G. Road & Podder Court and Canning Street in between Brabourne Road & Rabindra Sarani is closed to traffic.”

The reason for the fire is still not known to anyone. The Canning Street is near the Burraazar is the major trading hub of the city. 

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