Atal Bihari Vajpayee condition is critical as he was rushed to AIIMS

Atal Bihari Vajpayee condition is critical as he was rushed to AIIMS

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India, was not in good shape for a long time. On Monday, his condition becomes critical as he was rushed to AIIMS as soon as possible. This sparks the wave of concern among the leaders including PM Narendra Modi who rush to the hospital. Since 2009, Vajpayee was on bed rest and was not allowed to move much. He has a problem with the lower respiratory tract infection and also some kidney-related problems which worsen the condition.

AIIMS made a statement in the late night that the former Prime Minister has been analysed with a urinary tract infection. They are giving him the treatment for the same and is under close observation by the expert team. The various sources reported that the condition of the former PM is critical as his sole kidney and lungs are not working to their full capability.

Apart from this the chairperson of AIIMS media and protocol division, Aarti Vij stated that Vajpayee is admitted in the hospital for the examination and management and that he was stable but still there is some risk of a health emergency.

Randeep Guleria, the director and supervisor whose under former PM is kept, is treating Vajpayee for the last 15 years. After the stroke in 2009, Vajpayee started to struggle with kidney functions and diabetes which affected his cerebral abilities. This all later results with dementia problem.

Reports have been said that he is even feverish and voiced out something. However, no one for sure knows what triggered him to be in a state that he is admitted. Vajpayee has to be PM for the 3 terms resided on Krishna Menon Marg and was under observation for 24*7 under the supervision of a nurse and expert team.

He was admitted around 11:30 am as a routine check-up but the concern started to round off after the visit of Amit Shah BJP Chief and Rahul Gandhi Congress president. Not only this but current PM Narendra Modi also visited Vajpayee and was with the family for more than 50 minutes. He was in the cardio-neuro centre the whole time with doctors and family member. Apart from him, JP Nadda Union health minister and veteran LK Advani also visited Vajpayee.

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