Aung San Suu Kyi just lost another honour

Aung San Suu Kyi just lost another honour

Amnesty International (An organisation watching Human Rights violation overworld) has stripped Aung Saan SYU Kyi a prestigious human right award. Syu Ki is Myanmar’s councillor and is accused of Human rights abuses by not standing against the violence against minorities comprising Rohingyas Muslims.


Syu Ki was under house arrest in 2009 for her opposition to Myanmar’s oppressive military regime. Amnesty International then named Syu ki as their Ambassador of Conscience Award recipient.


The secretary general of the human rights group Amnesty Internation Kumi Naidoo said in a letter to Ms Suu Kyi: “Our expectation was that you would continue to use your moral authority to speak out against injustice wherever you saw it, not least within Myanmar itself. Today, we are profoundly dismayed that you no longer represent a symbol of hope, courage, and the undying defence of human rights.”


“Amnesty International cannot justify your continued status as a recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience award and so with great sadness, we are hereby withdrawing it from you,” he added.


Mr Kumi Naidoo also wrote: “Aung San Suu Kyi’s failure to speak out for the Rohingya is one reason why we can no longer justify her status as an Ambassador of Conscience.


“Her denial of the gravity and scale of the atrocities means there is little prospect of the situation improving for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya living in limbo in Bangladesh or for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who remain in Rakhine State.


“Without acknowledgement of the horrific crimes against the community, it is hard to see how the government can take steps to protect them from future atrocities.”



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