Bangladesh elections and the story of de'MOCK'racy

Bangladesh elections and the story of de'MOCK'racy

What’s worse than a dictatorship? A dictatorship disguised in the form of democracy.
The news is; Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has won her third term of elections. The general elections were held on Sunday and the election commision of Bangladesh announced results this morning. Sheikh Hasina won.
One can argue that it was not a general election, but an election of general.
Before moving ahead, read this:
On May 30th, 2018, New York USA based Human & Civil Right Organization WRTP (We Are the People) named 5 Worst Dictators in the world in the past 100 years.  And guess who topped the list?
You guessed it right. Sheikh Hasina.
Interestingly, no newspaper, no news channel ran the news of her winning elections under ‘Breaking News’. Why?
Simple. Because it wasn’t a piece of breaking news. It was obvious news. Everyone and their mom in Bangladesh knew who is going to win.
Now, one can ask that if her winning was so sure then what was this election drama for?
It was for representational purposes. Why do we celebrate Independence Day every year? For representational purposes. We celebrate to satisfy our hearts. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister is going to give the speech, there will be different Jhankis by states, there will be air shows by air crafts. Everything is obvious. But we do. We do, to satisfy our hearts. To show respect to something. Same goes with elections in Bangladesh. Bangladesh respects democracy. And Sheikh Hasina cares about her people. She ‘arrange’ elections to satisfy the people of her country.
The important part of news ends here.
The unimportant news is; at least 17 people were killed in various parts of the country during the voting process.
As a matter of fact, the area of Bangladesh is 147,570 km². And the area of Chhattisgarh is roughly the same as that of Bangladesh. That is 135,191 km². Chhatishgarh is the red region of India, where holding elections is tougher than any area. Yet, no civil casualties were recorded in the elections held last month (Extra note: Maoists announced the boycott of elections just a few days ahead of elections).
A country as small as Chhatisgarh can’t hold their elections without killings. All hail to Sheikh Hasina.
“We call upon the Election Commission to declare this farcical election void and demand a fresh election under a neutral government,” said Kamal Hossain, an Opposition leader. Poor Kamal.
Doing your 9-5 job, if you ever feel that you are just repeating tasks and nothing will prove fruitful. Just remember Kamal Hossain from Bangladesh. He is also repeating tasks, and he knows that nothing is going to prove fruitful. And unlike you, he is also under threat by a dictator.

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