Bangladeshis barricaded Pakistani's visa

Bangladeshis barricaded Pakistani's visa

After the recent diplomatic row between Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad has stopped issuing visas to Pakistani nationals for a week. A Bangladeshi official gave this information on Tuesday.
Bangladesh had decided to hang many war criminals in the liberation war of 1971 in 2013. Since then relations between the two countries have become tense
A Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry official said, "You can call it a sign of protest against the Pakistani stand."
Strategist affairs expert Brahma Chellani said that there has been a tension in bilateral relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh. In a tweet, he said, "Bangladesh has been accusing Pakistan of financing terrorism on its land, the relations between the two countries have become so bad that Bangladesh has not approved the new High Commissioner of Pakistan from 2018. Now Bangladesh The visa has only stopped. "
On the condition of keeping the name confidential, the official said that Bangladeshi diplomats in charge of issuing visas are avoiding the forwarding of the Pakistanis because Pakistani authorities have kept the application to extend the period of their official visas for the last four months.
It is notable that in Pakistan, the High Commission of Dhaka did not extend the visa application of the members of the Bangladesh High Commission's press and visa affairs council member Iqbal Hussain. Hussein is not able to meet her family due to this.
"The issuance of visas to Pakistani nationals has been suspended because the Visa Counter of Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad is closed on Monday (May 13th)," the daily Dhaka Tribune said quoting Hussain.

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