Bengali actress thrown out of cab, molested by the Uber driver, case booked

Bengali actress thrown out of cab, molested by the Uber driver, case booked

In yet another case, an Uber driver has been arrested by the police in charge of harassment and misbehavior with a female passenger. This time a leading Bengali television actress Swastika Dutta has filed the complaints against the Uber driver on Wednesday accusing the private cab driver of harassment and molestation.

She alleged that the Uber driver has canceled her trip midway while on the destination and then dragged her out of the car. She had shared the horrifying incidence on her Facebook page in detail.
“ I took service from my home to the studio which was in Dasani, at 8:15 AM today the cab driver named Jamshed pick me up from my location and suddenly in the middle of the road he cancelled the trip and asked me to get out of the car. When I refused to do so he suddenly turned the car in the opposite direction and took me to his locality and started abusing me” She wrote in her post.
 “I was trying to shout out loud while sitting in the cab but all goes in vain and he did not stop the car and keep on driving to the remote area, then he suddenly stopped the car and literally pulled me out of the door”. She also said the driver tried threatened her by proclaiming “you do not know what I can do”.
 she has also shared the number plate and photo of the driver in her post.
As soon as the incident took place she went away to the police station in Kolkata and filed a case against the driver of mental and physical harassment as well as abuse. Soon the Facebook post of the actress goes viral the official Uber spokesperson came forward and stated

“This incidence is a clear violation of safety standards and community guidelines that we have in the company. After the incident, the driver has been removed and all the services and access to the app has been deleted. We will try with the law and authorities fully in the investigation”.

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