Beware! Apple’s iOS 12 has a major problem

Beware! Apple’s iOS 12 has a major problem

Apple’s iOS 12 software operating system is one of a kind. As reported by Forbes, the kind of performance and stability that the system offers are incredible. The iOS 12 update comes packed with several new features. The update was made available to other generation of iPhone and iPad users recently. As millions of iPhone and iPad users have begun upgrading to the new software update, there are multiple problems occuring. The Forbes report cited PiunikaWeb as stating that a serious problem has been discovered in iOS 12. The issue seems to be occurring in iMessage across all the Apple products. What’s even more surprising is that the problem seems to have found its roots in Apple’s attempt to enhance the overall iMessage experience.

As can be recalled, Apple took the wraps off its iOS 12 software operating system back in June this year. At their traditional conference, iOS 12 included an all-new iMessage system. One of the main features of the update was a special feature -- a unified thread made especially for iMessage contacts. Such a facility would come handy to those users who have multiple phone numbers and email addresses. In other words, contacts could find all the messages to other individuals within a single thread. Now, the issue appears to be taking place within the merging threads of different contacts. Users have come across embarrassing situations wherein their messages have been delivered to users quite unintentionally.

The report by Forbes quoted a user as saying, “Without question, this issue began when I upgraded to iOS 12. This issue has been devastating and needs to be resolved ASAP. I depend upon iMessage and can no longer trust/depend on the tool to send messages to the proper person. In the same way, I cannot be sure from whom texts are actually being sent.” Similarly, the problem has caused trouble to several users.

PiunikaWeb indicates that the problem is probably occurring because the Cupertino technology giant is merging iMessage threads based on Apple IDs, thereby ignoring the names, email addresses and even phone numbers. The method of collecting data is the probable cause of the problem. The Tim Cook-led firm has not provided a comment on this matter as yet. However, the issue is expected to be solved by the time the next software update will be rolled out.

On a related note, the Cupertino technology giant has gone ahead and added a new Animoji feature to the iMessage system as well. Users can now make use of Animoji through the messaging platform.

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