Bhubaneswar based boys developed eco-friendly pens, importing to countries like Germany and Australia

Bhubaneswar based boys developed eco-friendly pens, importing to countries like Germany and Australia

Two innovators based in Bhubaneswar, have created history by discovering the eco-friendly pens made from newspapers, vegetables, fruits, and flower seeds. Two versions of the pain have been introduced by the innovators; one is used and throws another for long term use.

The first of it's kind eco-friendly pens are innovated by Prem Pandey and Mohammed Ahmed Raza, not only they are available on sale through a start-up online e-commerce website Likhna they have created a buzz in the international market.
Pictures of these eco-friendly pens were shared by the innovators on social media.

While speaking to media persons Prem said

The pen contains a plastic refill but the body has been made with newspaper, this was invented to find an alternative to plastic abuse. This eco-friendly pen will replace plastic, as they are harmful to our environment these pens are the apt solution to it.

Although the pens are not completely plastic free as they have a plastic refill but the outer body has been created by the newspaper, our next aim is to develop a refill that has a paper-based.

Mohammed Ahmed Raza added “pens are also available in Germany and Australia apart from India, unlike a regular use and throw pen people can discard it in a bottle or soil and within a week it will germinate into a plant

He further adds we have received good reviews for pens not only in India but other countries around the world; the pen is hit in the international market. Soon after the report was published and shared on the social media platform Internet was pleased to acknowledge that Indian based innovators are involved in such crucial discovery. Internet user congratulated Prem Pandey and Ahmed on their efforts and wished it will surely reduce future plastic waste. One of the writers over Twitter said it is very creative and cute use of newspaper looking forward to using them
The two versions of the eco-friendly pen are easily available on the net and cost only Rs.5 and Rs.7.

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