BJP has no moral right to criticise Kanhaiya Kumar, said Shiv Sena

BJP has no moral right to criticise Kanhaiya Kumar, said Shiv Sena

A charge sheet has been filed against the JNU students; Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and other. And the BJP is taking all the credit of this nationalist act. While people from other ideologies are criticising BJP it as a pre-election move. Even Shiv Sena, who falls on the same side of the ideology as BJP, is saying that BJP has no moral Right to criticise former JNU students.
The Shiv Sena published an article in its mouthpiece website Saamana that says BJP has lost the moral right since it made an alliance with PDP (People’s Democratic Party). PDP’s leader Mehbooba Mufti earlier said that Afzal Guru is a martyr. Guru was convicted as a mastermind in the Parliament attack in 2001. After conviction, Afzal was executed to death in 2013.
Kanhaiya and other JNU students are charged with sedition for raising pro-Afzal Guru slogans in the JNU campus in 2016.
Shiv Sena compared Kanhaiya Kumar with 2008 Mumbai attacks convict Ajmal Kasab. It said that Kanhaiya will get a fair trial as did Kasab.
The article published on Saamana, however, also said that case against Kanhaiya doesn’t hold firm grounds as it is based on weak shreds of evidence against the students.
According to the op-ed piece, “Kanhaiya Kumar speaks well. Though he represents the harried and unemployed youth of the country, he cannot give slogans hailing Afzal Guru or independence for Kashmir.
Anyway, what moral right does the BJP have to condemn Kanhaiya Kumar? It has already committed the grave sin of aligning with Mehbooba Mufti, who calls Afzal Guru a freedom fighter and a martyr.”
Shiv Sena who is a former ally, and is still part of BJP led Govt in Maharashtra is taking a different path from BJP after Narendra Modi singlehandedly took the decision of Demonetisation, GST and others which potentially maligned party’s image as a policymaker. Since then, Shiv Sena is seen criticising BJP even on the topics where their agenda is same, such as building Ram Mandir.
In the article published, Shiv Sena also took a jibe at RSS’s student wing ABVP.
ABVP lost last elections held in JNU, on which the article said, “The ABVP cannot overcome a handful of activists chanting anti-national slogans in the university. Is this because elections are not held through electronic voting machines?”

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