BJP IT cell chief accused opposition of spreading fake news

BJP IT cell chief accused opposition of spreading fake news

You know the Doomsday is near when you see Satan himself accusing God as a destructive force. And you know the election day is near when Amit Malviya (IT cell head of BJP) is accusing other parties of spreading fake news. (By no means I’m comparing the above two lines).
According to a report by news agency PTI, BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya accused opposition parties of running fake news against Bhartiya Janta Party’s main leaders.
Malviya said that the opposition is doing so to create resentment about his party’s leaders. He said that the opposition is highly afraid of losing the general elections of 2019.

Malviya told PTI about a post of a Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh in a picture of a newspaper was shown in which Amit Shah was criticising Baniya Community. The post was deleted later by Congress leader later.
Amit said, “To remain relevant, different Opposition parties are running a campaign of spreading fake news against the BJP and its senior leaders by turning some specific castes against them and the party.”
The BJP head also claimed that Opposition parties like Congress are trying to lure both minority and majority (that is Muslims and Hindus, respectively).  Minority by their apeasing policies and the majority community by attempting to turn them against BJP with fake news.
Other than Congress, Malviya directly accused AAP of circulating a picture of a fake newspaper that was showing Haryana Chief Minsiter and RSS Pracharak Manohar Lal Khattar as saying that he is only chief minister of Punjabis.
He tweeted, “ The fake newspaper clip, intended to cause a social rift, was widely shared by official handles of AAP leaders.  Arvind Kejriwal, like always, joined them in peddling fake news.”

The notorious thing here to notice is that BJP is the party who spends most in its IT cell, and it is the party who is accused most of spreading fake news. In fact, Altnews co-founder Pratik Sinha started his website of fact checking just to show how the BJP is spreading fake news.

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