BJP Resurfaces accused by Operation Kamala in Karnataka for the next Lok Sabha Polls

BJP Resurfaces accused by Operation Kamala in Karnataka for the next Lok Sabha Polls

The JDS HD Kumaraswamy and Congress have alleged that Modi Government is trying out to destabilize the three month old alliance government in the state Karnataka by trying to attempt to poach on the lawmakers, the leader of JDS and the minister Sa Ra Mahesh had told in an interaction with reporters that the BJP has been trying to pull out Operation Kamala on the three seats short of majority. The Operation Kamala is the term that is used when the BJP government in 2008 tried to take on the seats. They had managed to secure the support of a number of lawmakers from the rival parties in order to form a government.

However, Dinesh Gundu Rao, the State Party Chief has already warned off the parties about such move saying, "If they do it we will not sit quietly. Two BJP MLAs are in touch with us and five with the JDS," 

However, the co-spokesperson of BJP S Praksh has dismissed any of the allegations by Congress, "Dinesh Gundu Rao is making wild and baseless allegations against the BJP. If Congress MLAs are not satisfied, it is Congress's responsibility to hold the flock together".

He has challenged off the Rao to name of the leaders of BJP party that are in touch with the alliance. However, the BJP alleged bid has captured power to come as Kumaraswamy and Congress have announced that they would be running for the Parliamentary election of 2019 together. As per the leaders, this will affect the performance of the party in the state.
As per the insiders of BJP, the Central leadership of the party has sent out the message that the fall of Kumaraswamy is engineered is not an option now. Amit Shah, BJP Chief has asked the state unit of the party that not create any sort of confusion and instead simply stick to the role-playing of the opposition sincerely.

As per the sources, the idea has pitched up by the state party chief BS Yeddyurappa at the National Executive meeting just the last week. The leaders of BJP have maintained the call of an alliance of convenience between the JDS and Congress with toppling up.

The results of the alliance or the Kamala operation can’t be assured as of now. The next move by the part might make things more clear for the upcoming election.

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