Bought in Rs. 430 and sold in Rs. 6crore, old chess piece become lucky for owner in London auction

Bought in Rs. 430 and sold in Rs. 6crore, old chess piece become lucky for owner in London auction

In shocking news coming from London, an antique chess piece was sold in an auction worth 735000 pounds approximately 92700 U.S dollar making it Rs. 6.3 crore. And to make the news more shocking, it was only bought for Rs. 430 in 1964. The press present at the auction reported that the chess was a Lewis chessman piece which is a Viking relic, is about 900 years old and is 8.8 cm in the height. It was purchased by the bidder at the Sotheby’s in London by an anonymous identity on Tuesday.

The chess block was drawing huge attention during the auction due to its intricating design and authenticity. The chess block was carved out of the walrus ivory in the later 12th century, this Lewis chessman block is designed in the form of Norse warriors. They are considered as one of the greatest artifacts of that time that is available today. The interesting thing that increases the price of the block was its belonging to the Viking era which increases its value by three fold. The chess piece was first found in a Scottish antique dealer’s drawer and it was passed down from one generation to another, as reported by the ABC News.

The piece was discovered in 1831 on the Scotland Isle of Lewis, AP reports. The piece of chess has five players but the fifth one is not found and is missing. The Sotheby piece that was sold on Tuesday at the auction appears to be a rook one and is the first missing block to be found among the chessman that was identified.

In a statement given in the AB News, the Scottish antique dealer’s spokesperson has said that the chess piece was purchased in 1965 from another Edinburgh dealer. In the catalog of the auction he has named the collection as 'Antique Walrus Tusk Warrior Chessman,' this shows that the owner was unaware of the significance of the piece a spokesperson from the auction said.

For many years the resident has kept it in the drawer, time to time checking the condition of it.

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