Boys will be out of Thai Cave, in a weak state, it could take weeks to get the boys out the rescue operation

Boys will be out of Thai Cave, in a weak state, it could take weeks to get the boys out the rescue operation

On Tuesday, the 13 members of Thai youth football team are now found. They are in rake thin condition but nevertheless are still alive. The rescue mission people have supplied food and medicine to them. They all are found huddled on a ledge deep inside the flooded cave after the total of nine days when they were missing.

According to Thai military, they are providing them with food that is worth for a month and even diving lessons. The boys were found miles away into the pitch-black and waterlogged Tham Luang network caves that are monsoon drenched north.

The British diver said “How many are you? Thirteen... brilliant," It was an astonishing exchange that was completely captured in a video from the moment the help reach the young boys.

In the video, it was clearly seen the boys in the baggy mud-slicked football jerseys that later shielded their eyes to prevent the torch that was used by the divers.

They immediately send food and medical help to them making sure to include high-calorie gels and paracetamol. On Tuesday, the rescuers managed to reach them for the prolonged extraction operations.

Navy Capital Anand Surawan, "(We will) prepare to send additional food to be sustained for at least four months and train all 13 to dive while continuing to drain the water,"

Chiang Rai the governor of Narongsak Osottanakorn said, "We called this 'mission impossible' because it rained every day... but with our determination and equipment we fought nature,"

The boys were found on Monday 10:00 pm by the divers around 400 meters from the place they were believed to be stranded several kilometres in the cave.

One of the kid shouted in a video to the rescuers "we are hungry.. shall we go outside?"

On this, they replied "Many, many people are coming... we are the first," to the reference of complex and vast rescue operations that have taken over the mountainside.

This has brought a relief to the family and relatives of the kids. The unimaginable rescue is a success at some point. The task left is to get them out of the cave as they are in a weak state and don’t have experience with diving.

The father of one of the kid stated, "It's unimaginable. I've been waiting for 10 days, I never imagined this day would come”

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