Burari Death: How The Family Organizes The Hanging Late At Night

Burari Death: How The Family Organizes The Hanging Late At Night

On Sunday, a news came out that left every single person of Delhi in stunned shocked. A family of 11 members was found dead at their home. 10 of who were hanging while one was in another room lying dead. On Saturday night, when people parties their night out or spending time with their family, there was one family that was preparing for their own death. From ordering the meal to gathering wires and stool, the shock came when the kids were involved in this too.

Security footage is established by the police that proof that there was no outside involvement in the 11 deaths. If anything, the Chundawat family was writing notes, dairies, etc. that was for the total of 11 years. There are even evidences that state clearly that death was never their agenda. The main purpose of hanging themselves was to emerge stronger.

According to the video evidence, there are clearly seen two children, a daughter and a woman with the wires and stools that used in the mass hanging. All of the members of Chundawat family died approximately 1:00 am.

As per the footage, everyone was following the instruction of one single person, Lalit Chundawat who is said to be 45 years old possessed man, the younger son of Narayani Devi, 77 years old matriarch. Even the written notes and dairy found is written by him. As per the notes, it is assumed that Lalit was under hallucination effect where he planned family salvation as per the instructions about his father death. There were dairies that were written by Priyanka, 30 years old who is Lalit’s niece and was engaged on 17th June 2018.

As per the notes and dairy, the family was thinking that the father’s spirit will save them all. The last written line on the dairy is said to be written on the day of suicide itself, "...keep water in a cup, when it changes colour, I will appear and save you." It also stated that after the ritual they will unite each other which apparently didn’t happen.

The footage captures the kids bringing in the wires that are used for hanging. Next morning, all the members were found hang including the schoolboys in the hallways. Also, the wires can be tied by an insider only. They were even gagged, blindfolded and bound except Lalit’s wife Tina. It was said that the family was in the good fortune condition and everything was going well. It is like the final thanksgiving to the spirit.

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