CCTV plan finally cleared, says Arvind Kejriwal as he publically tears Lt Governor

CCTV plan finally cleared, says Arvind Kejriwal as he publically tears Lt Governor

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, in an act of defiance said that there is no mandatory permission required from police if people want to install CCTV cameras. He tore away the report that was presented by the panel that runs under Lt Governor Anil Baijal that is working on the installation and monitoring of the surveillance cameras guidelines.

A statement came out of the office of Lt Governor later on saying that the rules were just at the draft stage and had yet to come out in the public domain for any clarification or suggestions.

Kejriwal, addressed a huge gathering at the Indira Gandhi Stadium of the representatives of market association, resident welfare associations, and a non-profit groups claiming that the crime rate will be half they are today with the installation of CCTV cameras all across the city.

He said, “I am extremely delighted to see women in such large numbers, who have shown up here for this session. It means they want CCTV cameras in Delhi,"

"For last three years, we have been trying to get CCTVs installed in the city. We also initiated the files, but the L-G, other officers and BJP did not let us work," He added

During his speech, he even waved the reports presented to him by Mr Baijal in May in order to regulate the monitoring and installation of the CCTV cameras in the government and private buildings in the NCR region. He read out a few of the portions from the report before tearing off the paper.

He said, "The report says that every owner and data controller of CCTV system collecting any information from public space shall report to the appropriate authority. And, the appropriate authority and police shall visit and assess if CCTVs are needed or not,"

"In a democracy, it is people's rule and not police rule, L-G sahab. So, I want to ask you all here, do we need to get any license for installation of CCTV camera? You all said 'No'. So, what should we do with this report, should we tear it?"
"So, tomorrow, I am going to sign the files that no license be needed to install CCTV cameras,"

However, Lt Governor issued a statement saying, "Draft rules put out for public suggestions/objections/feedback by the committee formed under the Principal Secretary (Home) have only prescribed a reporting mechanism for CCTV and not a licensing mechanism".

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