Cemetery cancelled due to rain. Here is nationalist Trump for you!

Trump is going to make America great again. Trump is going to build a wall. Trump is going to stop immigrants from taking the jobs of native Americans. The only thing Trump is not going to do is pay respect to late soldiers of America who died in the First World War.
American President Donald Trump cancelled his visit to a cemetery of late soldiers who got killed in World War 1. The white house said that Trump cancelled his visit due to bad weather.
Trump was expected to pay homage and observe a moment of silence at Aisne-Marne American Cemetry and Memorial near Paris.

America doesn't seem to very happy about his move. The public of America reacted as follows:

Instead of going to the cemetery, Trump chose to cancel it because it was raining. Yeah, you read it right. Because it was RAINING! He met with French President Emmanuel Macron at US ambassador’s residence.

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