Chilean Super Mario lifts the spirit of the Thai Cave Boys “Hang in there!”

Chilean Super Mario lifts the spirit of the Thai Cave Boys “Hang in there!”

In 2010, a Chilean miner was trapped underground for approximately 69 days. That man, Mario Sepulveda, known as Super Mario sends out a message for the Thai boys that are stuck in the Thai Cave. On Wednesday, he calls out to the boys’ football team that is trapped, “Hang in there!”

AFP received the video message that from the Super Mario tried to keep the spirit of his comrades up during this whole ordeal. He said that his thoughts are with the boys and their coach that are fighting against all odds. He even added that he is trying to come to Thailand to help the people somehow.

The rescue mission for the football team has surely stirred the memory of eight years back during the Chilean mining accident. The flooded cave has taken everyone back in time. The world held the breathe when the 32 people and Sepulveda were surviving underground for approximately 10 weeks before they were hauled to the surface one after another.

Sepulveda was dressed in orange miner’s helmet; yellow vest and headlamp give a brief yet energetic message to the 13 people that are struggling in the Thai Cave. The members of Wild Boar football team got the 40-second message to lift up their spirits.

He simply told “Mucha Fuerza!” that is translated to “Much strength” and “Hang in there!”

He is even trying to raise his funds so that he can travel to Thailand to help the rescue team in whatever way he could.

"I'm going to see what's possible. I'm calling someone from the (Chilean) government to try to get some money together. I think it's important as a country for us to be there, after what we miners went through," "I would love to go. I think it would be extremely important to support the families, give them a hug. Words of encouragement are important." He told to AFP while visiting Mexico.

The team was exploring the Thai Cave after their practice when the flood started in the cave trapping them inside. On Monday night, a British diver was able to find them in huddled together in the muddy ledge approximately 2.5 miles inside the cave. They were shown in a video in a good spirit.

"I don't have the slightest doubt that if the (Thai) government give it everything they have and make every humanly possible effort, the rescue will be a success," Sepulveda added while seeing efforts to get them out. He added, "What we need here is for the Thai government to put in a lot of money, and whoever else wants to donate, and get professional divers in there to get those boys out now," "They need to teach them to dive as quickly as possible."

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