China not to indulge in the trilateral cooperation with Pakistan and India but urges to ties between Islamabad and New Delhi

China is distancing itself from making any comments on the trilateral corporation between China, India and Pakistan of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation under aegis on Wednesday, however, he emphasises on the improvement of the mutual trust between Islamabad and New Delhi.

On Monday, Luo Zhaohui, Chinese ambassador to India endorsed the idea of trilateral cooperation between China, India and Pakistan under SCO of aegis. He believed that in future it can help to resolve the bilateral issues that are rounding off New Delhi and Islamabad. It will bring peace to everyone.

On the other hand, Geng Shuang, Chinese Foreign minister Spokesman said that Pakistan and India are neighbours and friends for China and are willing to conduct relationships with them in order to strengthen the relationship and corporation to increase the sustainability and development of everyone. He added that he wants India and Pakistan to work on the bilateral issues to maintain peace with mutual trust.

When asked about the Luo’s statement, he said that whatever he is saying is an official position so it will stand. He made no comment on the Embassy simply brushing off envoy’s comments on the website.

His emphasis on the mutual acceptance between India and China to avoid Dokalam episode as it is no one’s favour. However, Luo said that it is an Indian friend that gave him an idea about the trilateral cooperation between the countries under aegis. He believes it is a constructive idea. On talking about trilateral he said that he feels it is a good idea to solve India-Pakistan dispute as well.

Nothing was more said and told. There were few remarks here and there which were not specifically told for anyone just repeating the same statements. However, in a press conference, Indian PM Narendra Modi was seen exchanging pleasantries with Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain.

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