Collection of Satyameva Jayate and Gold

Collection of Satyameva Jayate and Gold

On the occasion of Independence day which no less than a celebration for all the Indians, two films got released which makes this special day even more special. Yes, we’re talking about the two great content movie Satyameva Jayate starring John Abraham and Gold starring Akshay kumar. Both the movies were made on the concept which makes it release on independence day.

The fans were waiting for both the films eagerly as it is not only content rich film but also stars the leading actors like Akshay Kumar who is best in making such films and John Abraham who got recently praised for his last film Parmanu.

Talking about the day 1 collection of Gold and Satyameva Jayate, Gold made his opening with the collection of 25.20 Crore which is quite an impressive collection. Whereas, Satyameva Jayate made their opening with the collection of 20.25 Crore which is again a superb collection.

In fact, both the films did so well that both of them managed to make their name enter in the list of top 5 biggest opening film of 2018. Here, Gold is leading with number 3 and Satyameva Jayate has made their position on 5th position.
One more good fact about both these films is that the first day collection of these films are the highest first day collection Akshay Kumar and John Abraham have ever made.
Indeed the movies are making people go crazy and emotional at the same time. Both are on the theme on patriotism which makes it perfect for releasing on such day.
If you’re getting bored and want to watch a good content film, go and watch both the movies this weekend.

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