Comparing Meghan’s wedding dress to Kate Middleton’s

Comparing Meghan’s wedding dress to Kate Middleton’s

Weddings are always rendered special and when its the wedding of the most eligible royal bachelor in the United Kingdom, we know the world is seated glued to their TV sets to watch the fashionable proceedings. It is often said that the wedding belongs to the bride which can be proven from the anticipation around the bridal gown.

In 2011, just before Prince William decided to marry Kate Middleton, there was a huge buzz about her wedding dress and people had already started making speculations and comparing it with that of the late princess. Seven years down the line, when it was Prince Harry’s turn for nuptial ties, the excitement regarding his bride’s wedding dress was no less and the competition was tougher now. This is because people now had her dress to be compared to Diana’s as well as Kate’s wedding gown which was a hot favourite back in 2011.

Just like the excited audience all over the world, we couldn’t help but compare the wedding gowns of Kate and Meghan’s and following is a brief analysis of our research work. We could make out that both the dresses are distinctively different from each other and thus we have drawn out our conclusion on the basis of some grounds, such as:


Megan chose designer Clare Weight Keller for Givenchy to help her crate a wedding gown that is quite simple but holds elegance. However, according to the reports given by the Kensington palace, she chose her designer earlier this year which only meant that her wedding gown was prepared in record time. On the contrary, Kate had chosen British designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen for her gown. It was reported that the designer was seen entering the Goring Hotel where Kate was staying before the royal wedding and she was then designing the dress.


It was explained by the Kensington palace that Megan’s dress was made of an exclusive double bonded silk Cady which was used to give the dress a round sculptural look. After the dress got completed it had a soft matte lustre in it. Kate’s dress on the other hand had the skirt, under skirt and bodice made of French Chantilly and English Cluny lace. Made of ivory and white satin gazar, the skirt was designed to look like a blooming flower. It was padded in the hips and bloomed out at the floor. Only the back of the dress had 58 gazar and buttons which were covered with organza and fastened by Rouleau loops.


Meghan chose a simple silhouette for her wedding dress where the main catch was the open bateau neckline which was a classic style of the 1950s. Kate on the other hand wore a white V neck gown with a sheer lace overlay. Her dress reminded people of Grace Kelly’s wedding gown in 1956. For accessories, Kate borrowed Queen Elizabeth II's Cartier Halo Scroll tiara which had a thousand diamonds and was a gift to the Queen by her mum. Meghan on the other hand wore Queen Mary’s diamond filigree tiara. Megan’s dress had a long train and a longer veil which is very distinctive however Kate's dress had a long train but a shorter veil than that of Meghan’s.

After all our derivation, we can safely conclude that both the duchesses looked gorgeous and flawless in their respective dresses with their specific styles and we want to wish for them, lots of luck and love! We hope Meghan takes the fashion world by storm too, like Kate Middleton has, with her dainty gowns, royal hats and picture perfect poses shortly after her pregnancy!


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