Congress doesn’t have the courage to confront me, says Modi.

Congress doesn’t have the courage to confront me, says Modi.

Congress leader and Veteran Actor Raj Babbar compared the decline in the value of the rupee to the age of Modi’s mother age at an election rally, three days ago. And now, Prime Minister Modi is firing back at Babbar saying, that the Congress had dragged his mother into the election campaign because it does not have the courage to confront him. The news is confirmed by a report of The Hindustan Times.


Prime Minister Modi is on a tour in Madhya Pradesh as elections are coming near the state. On today’s morning, Modi was addressing a rally in Chhatarpur and while addressing to the people, he requested them to leave behind the negative politics of other parties. Modi said, “ If we go back 15 years when Congress was in power, everyone knows about the condition of Madhya Pradesh. Do not let them come to power again."


Modi’s schedule on the rally is very busy. Over the period of two days, Modi will address six rallies.


Not just Modi, the Bhartiya Janta Party Supremo Amit Shah is also in Madhya Pradesh, trying to lure the voters. Amit Shah will address a rally and participate in a roadshow in Ashoknagar in Gwalior.


According to news reports by NDTV, Modi talked about how Congress is not picking up the topic development done during their Govt. Modi said, “The Congress is not ready to tell what it did when it ruled the country for four decades, it is not ready to discuss what it did during its rule in MP [Madhya Pradesh]. It is their four decades versus my four years of governance.”


Remembering about Congress’s era, Modi also addressed the Bofors scandal and the Bhopal gas tragedy. Modi said, “Before you criticise Shivraj [Singh Chouhan], also remember your ‘mama’ [maternal uncles] Quattrocchi and Anderson, who were flown to America in a special plane. The person responsible for the death of thousands in Bhopal was allowed to leave the country quietly.”




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