Congress Iftar party: Rahul Gandhi shares a table with Pranab Mukherjee row after RSS event

Congress Iftar party: Rahul Gandhi shares a table with Pranab Mukherjee row after RSS event

It just has to be few days when former President Pranab Mukherjee address people at RSS headquarter. However, he was seen sharing the table with Rahul Gandhi in the Iftar party that was hosted by Congress party chief in New Delhi. Mukherjee and Rahul came along to the party where Mukherjee was only seen for some time and then he left the party. He was offered a ride back home by Congress chief which he politely refused.

During the whole event, there was a glimpse of Mukherjee chatting with Rahul and even exchanging pleasantries with the senior Congress leaders. However, there was a gap between the Congress party and Mukherjee after his acceptance to the RSS invitation to address the workers in Nagpur at their headquarters.

Well, the party did compliment him for his splendid speech that shows the mirror to the secularism and pluralism to the Sangh. At first, the party was not much keen with the idea but things turned out in opposite direction after his speech. There were rumours that former President was not invited for the party which went down the drain after an official statement that he indeed was invited to the Iftar party.

Apart from photos and pleasantries, Mukherjee was involved in the communication with Rahul that was running around the fitness video posted by Narendra Modi on Wednesday on his Twitter handle. Rahul exclaimed it as bizarre and ridiculous. He even asked Yechury to share his video making fun of the PM.

Apart from this, there Pratibha Patil, the predecessor of Mukherjee and Manmohan Singh, the former PM was also present with Hamid Ansari the former Vice president. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has first time hosted an Iftar party. The other member present at the party were CPMs, BSPs, TMCs, Sitaram Yechury, Satish Chandra Misra, DMKs Kanimozhi and Dinesh Trivedi.

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