Congress is a Lollipop Company : Narendra Modi

Congress is a Lollipop Company : Narendra Modi

‘And it’s done’, these were the words of Rahul Gandhi when Congress waived loans of farmers of Rajasthan. But things doesn’t seem to be 'done' for BJP on the topic of loan wavering.
Prime Minister Modi addressed a public meeting in Ghazipur on Saturday, in his row of election rallies. Modi attacked Congress saying that Congress is playing a “game” over the issue and its promises are yet “unfulfilled.”
Taking jibe at Congress, Modi said that it is a “Lollipop Company” which has no real concerns for India’s farmers.
“These people are trying to lure you by short-term benefit announcements and promises but all this will not help,” Modi hinted at Congress’ loan waiver policy.
After making Govt in three states, Congress waivered the loans of farmers but with some terms and conditions. These terms and conditions kicked out most of the farmers, and only a small number of farmers can get the benefit of loan wavering now.
“Announcements made for instant benefit won’t be successful in the long run,” News18 quoted Modi saying the rally.

Modi also alleged that after the Congress came into power in Madhya Pradesh, black marketers have started to come out in the market, long lines of farmers are already being made for getting Urea.
Referring to Madhya Pradesh, he said that people are paying prices for voting Congress, a party who make fake and hollow promises.
Modi also commented on the newly made JDS government in Karnataka, which is made with the back support of Congress. Modi said that Congress had promised in the Karnataka too to waiver the loan of farmers but it cheated the farmers are making a “Government through back door.
Speaking in usual tone, Modi chuckled on Congress and said, “What are these promises and What are the games? They gave the lollipop of a farm loan waiver, votes were stolen but so far only... the loans of 800 farmers have been waived off. I request you to understand such games of Congress.”

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