Congress Leader identified 1984 riot perpetrator

Congress Leader identified 1984 riot perpetrator

Delhi: Congress is always been accused of igniting 1984 Sikh riots. Not just rioting, Congress is also blamed for saving its members who were the real culprits behind the whole pogrom.
Now, a witness and victim of 1984 Sikh riots identified Congress leader Sajjan Kumar as alleged instigator of violence in the riots. According to the statement of the identifier, She saw Sajjan Kumar giving a speech in the crowd, telling them to kill every Sikh they saw. The speech was made on First of November, 1984.
Sajjan Kumar is always been accused of having relations with riot perpetrators. But this time, the matter has ended up legal and is under the jurisdiction of Court, not just rumour.
The case was heard in Delhi Patiala court on Friday.
Witness’s name is Chan Kaur who identified Sajjan Kumar. It is not first case where someone identified Sajjan Kumar as riot perpetrator. Another witness with the name Sheela Kaur also identified him as a culprit of 1984.
The case has been adjourned further to 20th of December.
Sajjan Kumar is also on trial on another case in which a petition is filed against him and two others. In the petitions, a CD was filed in the court in which Sajjan Kumar confesses that he was actively involved in the killing of innocent Sikhs. The court issued a notice to Sajjan Kumar, asking for his reply to the filed CD.
As per the Govt records, nearly twenty hundred Sikhs were killed in Pan India. In National Capital Delhi alone, Twenty-one Hundred Sikhs were killed. Figures by non-govt organisations, however, predict a larger number.
These killings of innocent Sikhs were the aftermath of the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards. Those guards were taking revenge for Indira Gandhi's decision to make army enter in Sikh’s holiest shrine, golden temple, of Amritsar.

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