Congress party accused of the communalising Vande Mataram by Amit Shah, says Partition was also caused due to the party’s appeasement policy

The ongoing war between Congress and BJP is something everyone is aware of, it is not slowing down if anything things are getting heated up. On Wednesday, Amit Shah, BJP national President criticised the people that tried to communalise Vande Mataram, Indian National Song. He even said that the decision made by Congress party was in 1937, they accepted the first two stanza of the Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s song and dropped the rest was due to the party’s appeasement policy.

The party chief even claimed that this decision was the root cause of the partition, “Had Congress not done this mistake, the country would not have been divided (in 1947)," 

He further added to his statement, "The song Vande Mataram symbolises the geo-cultural nationalism of our country... It is wrong to communalise the song... it should not be treated as a song related to any religion or against someone, but a song which symbolises nationalism. The Congress had made the same mistake by labelling it with a religious colour,"

He explained that during the pre-independence era, when Congress formed their set of provisional government, then they took Vande Mataram as Indian National Song by cutting off the stanzas except the first two.

He added, "Historians sometimes blame the Khilafat movement, sometimes the divide-and-rule policy of the British, and at times, the two-nation theory of the Muslim League. But I will say that the Congress' decision to take up only two stanzas of Vande Mataram by surrendering before its appeasement policies had led to the division of India,"

There were many eminent intellectuals who were present in the event from Bengal including Bankim Chandra’s biographer Amitrasudan Bhattacharya, fiction writer Buddhadeb Guha, Dilip Ghosh BJP state chief, and Professor Purabi Roy.

Shah showed his respect to the author of Vande Mataram, Chattopadhyay as a person who steered in the revitalization of Indian cultural ethos and managed to put them beautifully in the song that describes the manifestation of the nation’s century-old nationalism tradition.

He pointed out that "Vande Mataram ... doesn't criticise or ridicule any community. It attempts to connect the nation with its people and manifests the tradition and culture of the region where it was produced. So bringing religion into Vande Mataram was a big mistake,”

On Thursday, BJP Chief will visit Birbhum and Purulia districts.

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