Congress poll plank for farmers will be revealed in the Mandsaur Rally by Rahul Gandhi

Congress poll plank for farmers will be revealed in the Mandsaur Rally by Rahul Gandhi

With the rally on 6th June, it is said that Indian National Congress (INC) President Rahul Gandhi is likely to address the death of the Mandsaur farmer. It is possible that he will announce the Kisan Samriddhi Sankalp. This is entirely focused to improve farmer’s conditions in the state and to provide them fixed salary if INC comes as a government.

Also, Rahul Gandhi is planning to unveil the campaign for INC in Madhya Pradesh on the same day for the assembly election. It is held on the death anniversary of the 5 farmers that died on the same day due to the police firing in the same town.

It is said that all the senior leaders of INC will be present at that time as MP is one of those states whose farmers are going through a crisis with the prices of potato and garlic going down like Rs.5 which has the main focus of Congress party for the elections.

Similar to this, last year also the party was focusing on farmer issues that immensely improved their count in Gujarat. The main theme of this campaign is “Yuva Rojgar, Kisan Adhikar”. This has been followed in almost all the part of India, especially Saurashtra that has been affected by the dropping cotton prices. The main focus of this whole operation is to improve farmer’s condition and they have promised that the loan will be waived if the party came to power.

As per Jitu Patwari, the running president of the MP congress, the main aim of the rally is to make an official announcement on the Congress plans of changing the farmer’s fate. As per the reports, the situation of Malwa-Nimad is not good as farmers are forced to sell the crops at a low price or throw them away.

In the meantime, the BJP state unit has launched a program that connected people at a larger scale. Even the president of State party is going to visit the state especially farmers. The statement is even made by MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan that the framers are not at all happy with the situations and the oppositions are trying to prompt the farmers.

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