Congress refused to support AAP that is struggling with L-G commendably makes it BJP’s B-team in Delhi

The real question that has to be in the mind of many people for a long time is what is Congress’s position in Delhi. Are they just anti-BJP alliance that can help Narendra Modi to win the next election? Or are they following the old rule in the book, making an enemy of an enemy his friend?

Well, currently Congress is simply following the rule of his master and literally speaking and believing whatever their master wants them to. It can be anything, from the meeting to even the sick former PM Vajpayee, they are doing anything.

On talking about the on-going struggle between the centre and AAP government, Congress seems to bend towards BJP and are supporting him without being verbal about it. They are simply abandoning the opposition for their own achievement.

As it is very common now that the Chief Minister of Delhi is currently sitting on a dharna with his colleagues at the Lt Governor’s residence. The main to do so is to end the strike done by IAS officers that are working for the government of Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal wants L-G to interfere in this matter and take strict actions against the officers. They have even send out a request letter for the L-G in which it is clearly mentioned that L-G must take actions and the officers that will not written have to undergo the proceedings. Apart from them he even said that if anyone go against then they must invoke ESMA against them. Also, an action must be taken against the officers that are simply stalling their work.

However, Congress rejected the offer to support AAP in this matter. It is clear that they are simply working for the things that serve their purpose and only target the party that is a big challenge for them. For this, they are literally supporting BJP.

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