CP Joshi apologised for his remarks

CP Joshi apologised for his remarks

 Congress leader CP made some controversial remarks showing his stance on Casteism. He said that it is only right of a Brahmin to talk about Hindutva. Rahul Gandhi, later, condemned Joshi for his remarks.


Congress leader CP Joshi is going to contest in Rajasthan Assembly elections, which are going to be held on 7th of December.


Congress Supremo tweeted following on the question of Joshi’s remarks

Rahul said that Joshi should apologize for his remarks.


A senior leader of Bhartiya Janta Party Harsh Sanghvi, who comes from Gujrat, share a video of Joshi on Twitter. In the video, Joshi can be clearly seen making casteist remarks. Joshi says, “Only Pandit knows about religion. Uma Bharti comes from Lodhi caste, Sadhvi and Narendra also hail from different casts, not pandit. By what right they are speaking about religion?”


Following Rahul Gandhi, Joshi apologized for his remarks. Joshi also said that BJP is using his speech in a wrong manner.


BJP’s national spokesperson and senior leader Sambit took the issue head-on. He said that Rahul Gandhi should immediately remove Joshi from Congress. As per the inputs by news agency ANI, Sambit Patra said, “Congress leaders discuss things behind closed doors and it gets recorded, When they get exposed, they ask people to apologise. Rahul Gandhi, you have been caught red-handed. You should immediately sack CP Joshi, sack him within one hour.”




However, It doesn’t seem that Joshi has learned any lesson from the incident. Talking about the issue of Ram Mandir, Joshi said that We should not forget that Former Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was the person who opened the closed locks of the Babri Masjid, against every odds. Now BJP is trying to claim Hindutva. Joshi also said that only a BJP leader can build the Ram Mandir. He said this to News 18, on Wednesday.

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