Cult Guru, Shoko Asahara, Behind Japan Sarin Attack Executed

Cult Guru, Shoko Asahara, Behind Japan Sarin Attack Executed

On Friday, Shoko Asahara was executer. He was in jail for his involvement in the Sarin attack in 1995 that was attained on Tokyo's subway. Not only this, but he used to lure his followers by using a mixture of charisma and mysticism to his Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult.

With his unkempt beard and wild hair, the guru led up to 10,000 followers. Some of them were the same who targeted the Tokay subway in 1995 in a shocking chemical attack killing around a total of 13 people on the spot and thousands were injured.

This attack led to the international notoriety of the Aum group. There were many devotees that were attracted to the group that includes doctors and engineers as well that were responsible for the production of chemical agents for this group crime.

In the start, Asahara had a humble beginning and was nearly blind. He was said to be one of the charismatic speakers that can attract hordes of recruits to join his cult that he came up within the year 1980.

A professor of social psychology at Rissho University at Tokyo, Kimiaki Nishida stated, "Asahara was talented at brainwashing," He added, "lured young people, who felt a sense of emptiness in Japanese society,"

As per the followers, Asahara promised them that they will acquire the power of God if they have the right training. He also said that they would create a new world after Armageddon which as per his prediction will be in the year 1997.

He was born on 2nd March 1955 as Chizuo Matsumoto who was one of the nine kids that are born to an impoverished strawman maker in Yatsushiro on the Southern Japanese Island of Kyushu.

In 1980, he started to call himself Asahara when the Aum cult was developed by him. He went to the blind state boarding school at the age of six. He had an image of bullying his classmates.

One of his former classmates claimed that "For him, violence was like a hobby. Once he got angry, there was no way to stop it," At the age of 19, he left school after qualifying as an acupuncturist.

Due to his weak sight, he was not able to pursue his line of medical choice school and he was not able to get to the law school at the University of Tokyo. In 1978, he got married to Tomoko and had four daughter and two sons.

Nishida said "It would be no surprise if another Asahara emerges in the future,"

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