David Warner stated that he is inspired by Sunrisers Hyderabad fan

David Warner stated that he is inspired by Sunrisers Hyderabad fan

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium and Sunrisers Hyderabad an older track record. It is difficult for such a talented team to gain 199 runs. However, the victory falls under their name against Rajasthan Royals. It was brilliantly displayed from Jonny Bairstow and David Warner for the inning.
There is no doubt that every player had their mind on not losing a wicket so that the run rate can be kept in control for the win. On top of that, the 37-ball 69 made it possible for SRH to not be worried about the scores and work on the efforts to win with Warner. However, after the match, no one was able to contain their excitement and especially for the fans that have always supported the team. In addition to this, he also put up some good words about Sanju Samson that managed to gain a century even under the pressure.
"One thing that inspires me is the local fans, they are amazing. We try and put on a good show. We didn't get off to a good start, serious innings from Sanju and full credit to him. He came out and played really well. He allowed himself time and the wicket got better. Actually, I didn't think it was a 200 wicket. We have played on similar wickets where if you bowl that hard length it is hard to bat,"
He also managed to get total of 110 runs in just 10 overs along with Bairstow before he was dismissed by Ben Stokes. He stated that the duo is working amazingly well together for the innings.
He said "Me and Jonny have partnered really well since Kolkata. There have been a few hiccups with him trying to get off the mark, I have been hogging the strike a little bit, but over the years I have been held back a little bit. We know this ground pretty well. We know the dimensions well. There has been a breeze from one side for the last two days but tonight it wasn't there. You have to be calculative with your batting. I enjoy playing in front of this crowd. They are fantastic," 
He was thrilled for the orange cup as well saying that the line, "It is orange, Sunrisers, why not,". The main goal is to be the tournament’s top scorer.

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