Death penalty for the rapist?

Death penalty for the rapist?

The past few days saw the electronic and print media talk in a big way only about the rape cases happening in the country. All these cases are eye openers for the government that it’s high time some concrete steps be taken up so as to put a stop to all this. It seems that the government finally has woken up and the calls of hunger strike by Swati Jaihind and all those who were protesting to get the guilty punished. Their efforts didn’t go in vain as the cabinet is likely to pass ordinance to amend the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences act (POCSO). It is heard that the act would be amended so as the guilty gets death penalty for rape of child below 12 years age.

For a bill to get passed and become a law in the parliament the ordinance needs to be passed so that the amendment can be made in the bill before it being passed. The government is trying its level best to the required procedures take place in a fast way without in hinderances.After the Kathua incident the Surat incident where the girl was sold and killed under child trafficking added fuel to the fire.  What is happening to our society is really worrisome.

The PM is doing the "mann ki baat" to have all the citizens involve in governance, but no one is willing to help him. When a movie shows a common man to rise and clean the muck in politics everybody applauds the hero and wishes India be a clean and safer place for everyone but when our honorable prime minister tries to involve the common man in governance through “Swachh Bharata campaigns, the gas subsidy scheme, the pmkvy scheme to name a few then we come forward to criticize and bad mouth him. He was sensible enough to speak from foreign lands about not politicizing rape. After returning the major decision was taken by the government for amending the act.

The Delhi women commission Swati Jaihind too was on an unending fast for the past 10 days demanding the quick action and death penalty for the guilty in rape of minors. It is really brave of her to take such a step as it is necessary sometimes to wake up the sleeping giants.

The POCSO act was implemented to punish those guilty who snatch childhood from innocent children by doing horrendous sexual crimes with them. It is believed that majority of child abuse cases start from home. It has become our moral duty now to teach every male member of the family about the respect and credence a mother, sister, daughter, wife and a normal girl deserves. When we start respecting the women of our society we will surely someday live in a society free from all these bad elements. We cry over polluted air has deteriorated our environment but if we think deeper then these polluted minds are also doing the same things, they are nipping off the small buds from blooming into flowers and all this is leading into a suffocated society.

It is the right time that amendments are brought into this act which provided life imprisonment to the guilty but after the 2012 Nirbhaya case it was amended to death penalty for those cases where the victim died or was left in vegetative state after rape. But after seeing the rise in the criminal psychology over the past few years a need to create fear among the wrong doer is the need of the hour. He should be fearful that even touching an innocent can cost him his life. When so many countries can do this why not India which is the largest democracy in the world. I truly believe in the thought that together we can and we will make a difference.  

Surbhi Goel

Senior Writer

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