Delhi at risk: under the attack of thick dust and pollution at Severe Level

Delhi at risk: under the attack of thick dust and pollution at Severe Level

National Capital Region (NCR) and Delhi are enveloped with the thick blanket of dust and pollution the level has reached the serve section putting everyone at risk. The people are advised to wear an oxygen mask and stay at home if it is not urgent. As per the reports, the condition is going to stay this way for the next couple of days. Not only this, but the blazing sun is also making it difficult for the people. It has increase problem with dust as it is not easy to escape the heat.

It is even analysed that the probability of wind in the area is quite high and is going to change till Friday. The people are likely to feel the irritation in the throat, burning eyes. This has created a buzz in Kejriwal party as they are being questioned. They are in the set-up at Anil Baijal’s home for the four days.

The voters are asking that Delhi is facing such a severe condition and the central and state government are busy with the strike neglecting the people. It is possible to experience the wind with the speed 30 km/hour with the 49 per cent of humidity level and 41 degrees Celsius of temperature.

The particles of 10 mm of diameter are present in the air put cross the severe level at 796 in NCR while in Delhi 830 resulting in hazy condition. The quality index has crossed the mark of 500 in the area of East Delhi.

Even World Health Organisation launched a report last month stating that India is the place of 14 most polluted city that includes Delhi and has listed it at 6th number. With such a severe condition, the citizen is going through a tough time with no one to find a proper solution to the situation. It is high time to do something to decrease such situation that can be life-threating to someone.

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